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By G S Rehill (a Pty Ltd Website) offers maths software licences for the Interactive Maths Series (Second Edition) software for Year 7 to 10 students, that has been used by students in 52 countries.  The software is written by the experienced and well-respected Australian author G S Rehill.  As Homework Licences are available from just $19.95 (AUD) per year level, this maths software series offers tremendous value for students.

Year 7 Interactive Maths software, Year 7 Interactive Mathematics software or Year 7 Interactive Math software Year 8 Interactive Maths software, Year 8 Interactive Mathematics software or Year 8 Interactive Math software

Year 9 Interactive Maths software, Year 9 Interactive Mathematics software or Year 9 Interactive Math softwareYear 10 Interactive Maths software, Year 10 Interactive Mathematics software or Year 10 Interactive Math software

Our Homework and Tutor mathematics software are delivered by Internet download and can be ordered using MasterCard, VISA or PayPal. To find out more about the Interactive Maths Series software which is both Microsoft® Windows® and Apple® Mac® OS X compatible, click here.

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